Mechanical Engineering

I would like to get any feedback on Phila. U. for their Mechanical Engineering program. My son’s first choices are Drexel and Temple but if he doesn’t get in he is considering Phila. U. as a fallback school. I would welcome any comments from current, future and past mechanical engineering students!

It’s ABET accredited and that’s the important thing. You may want to check to see where grads get employed.

@patty4, you may also want to consider Widener. I visited recently with my kids and was very surprised at the improvements at Widener.

My update. Visited both PhilaU and Widener. My son and I liked the PhilaU campus better and the faculty seems a bit warmer, but the PhilaU engineering program seems so small. Really torn.
Oh. And Widener is expensive! With room and board it is 60k, as much as Drexel!