Mechanical Engineers (who fully understand graduation requirements)

<p>referring to Getting</a> Started Guide for ME Undergraduate Students, UW-Madison Engineering, ME</p>

<p>second bullet point mentions to graduate, you must have PCR of 2.0 (i.e. a gpa of 2.0 excluding any failed classes or classes not counting towards graduation).</p>

<p>Does that mean if you have cumulative GPA below a 2.0 (i.e. including any failed classes), you can still graduate?, as long as your PCR and departmental PCR are at least a 2.0 and you satisfy the rest of the mentioned requirements.</p>

<p>Non engineer here. The wording likely means if you fail a class and retake it you don't need to count the failed credits in calculating your gpa- the university will use all courses taken, whether passed or not, to calculate your gpa. Hopefully you will get better grades than a 2.0 average, no matter how calculated. Those are minimum standards, the vast majority of students pursuing the degree won't need to worry about them. If you have the ability and interest to become a mechanical engineer you are not likely to need to worry about the minimum requirements. All C's without any D's, or at least some B or better courses and a D will suffice. Can you imagine yourself never getting any B's or A's in a major you like? Probably not.</p>

<p>since you are going to be a ME, I was wondering what computer (mac or pc) are you getting because I am also going to be a ME and I am in the market</p>