Mechanical VS Computer engineering


I am currently a first year undergraduate at McGill University majoring in mechanical engineering. If I want to work in robotics in the future, should I switch to computer engineering?

Are you more interested in the electronics/controls/processor or the physical structure, hydraulics, kinematic, etc. of robotics. Has a decent overview.

I’ve been doing Arduino stuff which I absolutely love (hence computer engineering) but I also really like bringing these projects to life through CAD/CAM and physical structures. When I applied for a major, I didn’t know about computer engineering and since mechanical engineering was a good, all-encompassing field, I went with that.

So to answer your question, I really enjoy all of these fields and am just wondering which major will give me the most tools to work in robotics.

Combine the fields then. So major in one and take electives or minor in the other. Check your 4 year class forecast and see what you can make happen. Talk to your advisor and professors. Google combining both and see what you find.