Mechinical Engineering vs. Material Science

<p>I don't know which one to choose. I'm interested in both. Can I not to choose a major when I apply and just take some general courses and choose my major later on?</p>

<p>apply curriculum deferred</p>

<p>you dont need to declare your major till the end of your freshman year (i believe), and the first semester is pretty much the same for all engineering. I was thinking about those two types as well, and though materials would be a good major because of how much nanotech there is with it. i talked to some other people though, and they said that materials is incredibly boring, and that mechanical and chemical are a lot more interesting. that definitly steered me away from materials though...</p>

<p>I thought materials was more closely related to ChemE than MechE.</p>

<p>You can always come in CD and take EAS101, Intro to Engineering. Its an easy course which surveys all the different disciplines in engineering. I wish I had taken that class rather than BE100.</p>