Med program right after high school

<p>i know a girl who got in UM's immediate med program (6 years) right after high school.</p>

<p>i was wondering how do i know if a college offers this type of program? im graduating 2011 and plan to attend Johns Hopkins for neuroscience. does JHU have this type of program?</p>

<p>Also what are "requirements" (SAT/ACT, gpa, ECs) for being accepted to one of these programs</p>

<p>These are not "immediate medical programs", they are combined/accelerated programs (you get your Bachelors and your MD, and the BS/BA portion may be accelerated). The general consensus around here is that these programs are not usually a good idea, and that they are unnecessary. But there is a combined degree forum if you still want to know more.</p>

<p>Multiple</a> Degree Programs - College Confidential</p>

<p>thanks for the info.</p>

<p>why are they generally considered unnecessary?
ive talked with several surgeons (i want to be a surgeon eventually) who did it and STRONGLY advise me doing it</p>

<p>Because of the fact that if you can get into one you are likely able to get into a more competitive medical school when the time comes. The reason why most schools offer the program is to grab students that would be more competitive than usual for the class that they matriculate normally. Thus that's the biggest of the reasons why it isn't that good of an idea unless maybe you were planning to go to anyways. Most people fail out, drop out and apply elsewhere instead, or change their mind about medicine. You will be left at a school you may not otherwise like with a degree you may not need and potentially a decreased level of ECs because of the confidence in your future admission to medical school. I used to think that JHOP had one, but now that I look for it I'm not seeing it. The "best" programs are probably Brown and Northwestern.</p>