Med School Acceptance Rates

<p>Hello, I cannot seem to find these statistics on the college websites. Any help would be greatly appreciated.</p>

<p>What are the acceptance rates into medical school from the following colleges? (Also, could you please tell me where you found your information?)</p>

<p>Rollins College
Stetson University
University of Pennsylvania
Sarah Lawrence
Emory University
Marlboro College
Bryn Mawr
Cedar Crest
University of Miami
University of Florida
Washington University in St. Louis
Carnegie Mellon</p>


<p>I went about looking for the statistics a different way and found the acceptance rates for the following schools:</p>

<p>Stetson, UPenn, Marlboro, and Bryn Mawr</p>

<p>However, I still need help with the others! Thanks!</p>

<p>Well, what are the results and how did you go about finding them?</p>

<p>Stetson 86%, Marlboro 60%, UPenn 83%, Bryn Mawr 85%... I just searched their websites a bit more ;) </p>

<p>Still need the others though! Help ... :)</p>

<p>Addle, I've found that you REALLY have to read that "stuff" carefully. Some schools claim incredibly high acceptance rates , then define an applicant as one who has been through their "program". They just don't count you if they think you won't get in. Others will state high rates and when you look more closely they really said medical professional or something similar to "health professional" which allows them to claim DO's, DVM's,DPM's even as far as Vet School. LOL. Look at the raw numbers. Some smaller schools only have single digit numbers of kids in their sample. Be afraid, be very afraid. Do your research ask specific questions. If a school controls who they consider an applicant to med school or the definition of med school they can control the resulting percentage.</p>

<p>In no way am I planning to choose a college based soley on these statistics. Although I know that they are biased (such as: based on students who had a 3.5 GPA, etc...) I would still like to know the statistics, more as a reference factor rather than a determinating factor... (if that makes sense)</p>


<p><a href=""&gt;;/a>
type in the college under the college finder and search
scoll down some and you will find the medical school
click on the school, then the admissions tab</p>