Med school help?

<p>Ok so in high school kids can always get private tutoring and stuff. But in college where do students get help? I guess if it's one question you can ask the professor but if you don't get the concept at all what do you do? Do you get peer tutoring or something? If you have a really good foundation in high school will you be set for college? Are AP courses really like college courses? And for med school is it better to take easy classes to boost up your gpa but make you look uncompetitive or challenging classes that look awesome but give you a lower gpa? I know hard and high gpa is the best. If I get a AP (but I heard a lot of schools don't accept it) would it be better to take the intro level course again or would it be better to take an honors or next level class? I heard that intro classes are actually more challenging that upper level classes sometimes because uppper level classes have fewer people so it's better to skip the intro level class. Is that true? And for UT southwestern medical school I looked online and it said it accepted some AP courses but it was confusing. Can someone help me with that please? Thanks. And if I have a AP bio and AP ceramics credits but AP ceramics can help me skip a class in college can I turn in the AP grade or would the med school view that poorly? Please help me. And who will help with hw in med school?</p>