med school

<p>does anyone know if Marsist truly has a good rep for getting into medical school?</p>

<p>Hi! I can’t answer that directly, but I will say that my daughter is entering Med school in the fall, and she graduated in '09 from another school (not Marist). But she found it wasnt so much the school they look at but the Mcat score first and foremost (which of course goes to the school as to how much you learned at said institution), and your GPA, courses taken, and life experience. Each med school has a slightly different perspective, and you have to find the right fit for you, but my daughters med school leaned heavy on her volunteering, and job experience in the field. Taking 2 years off and working at Columbia Med center as a lab researcher went a long way, plus she had papers published in that time that helped as well. She volunteered at 2 diferent hospices, and a nursing home since 8th grade. She is a caregiver for a stroke victim through a program called LILY. You see where Im going, its not all the school, but what you do with it, and the extras you put into it. Does Marist have a strong science program, yes, but as strong as some others? no. Well, this is wordy, but hope it helps some! :)</p>