Medical Redshirt- experience??

<p>Hi, I know this is a recruiting blog but I also know a lot of you parents have athletes in college as I do.. Has anyone of you dealt with the NCAA regarding a medical redshirt season. Was it difficult to obtain? Situation is current sophomore athlete, has not redshirted for any reason, played as a freshman, having medical issues this season to the point that redshirt looking like best option. We are under the % of events that would keep him under the allowable amount we think and it is a spring sport.. Hoping to hear some good feedback.. thanks</p>

<p>No, I don't think so and I also don't think there is anything your athlete needs to do personally. If his coach doesn't include him on the roster for any games or competitions, and if the student doesn't ever compete wearing a school jersey during the season, then the eligibility is preserved as I understand it. If there is paperwork to be filled out, the school must do it because our D was not aware of it. She's a non-Ivy Div. 1 distance runner, so since they compete all three season (one season of cross country and two seasons of track-- indoor and outdoor), there is always a sizable percentage of the distance squad who is out injured. The process might be different for the Ivy League, since they are only allowed to redshirt athletes for medical reasons and not developmental ones. It's possible the coach may need to provide medical documentation to substantiate the injury to the League. My guess is that there wouldn't be much scrutiny unless we're talking the big sports like football.</p>

<p>Son has not "redshirted", but I know the rules pretty well. I would start off by asking why would he redshirt.....does he have a medical condition that will last the whole season, and there is no chance to play this year....if so then medical "redshirting" is an option for D1 or D1 Ivy as I understand it. Your son will forego one of his four years to get a fifth year of eligibility. That could be undergraduate or graduate school. Your son remains on the roster but inactive. The coach and the AD handle everything with regards to the conference and the NCAA eligibility requirements and paperwork. There are some conferences such as the Ivy that are more restrictive of the "redshirting" rule, so defintely ask the coach or AD.</p>