Medical Schools Are Leaving USNWR Rankings

These med schools have announced they’ve withdrawn from the USNWR ranking system:

University of Pennsylvania
Mt. Sinai
University of Washington
Washington University in St Louis
Duke University
University of Chicago

List will be updated as more announcements come in.


Good move by these schools.

But surprised to see rank-conscious UChicago on the list. Good for them.

Their med school ranking is a laggard compared to their professional and graduate schoole, so they were likely happy to jump on this bandwagon :wink:.

Holden Thorp, the editor-in-chief at the glamorous journal Science, wrote a short editorial praising the institutions that are dropping out of participating in educational rankings.

He refers to the recent announcement from the WashU dean of medicine that the medical school will no longer participate in USNWR rankings.


I feel that these are all purely performative.

When the undergraduate programs drop out of the Rankings, I’ll believe that these universities are serious. There are no lack of applicants for any medical school out there, and medical schools at universities such as WashU are rejecting the huge majority of their applicants. They don’t need a high rank in the lists of USNews to get five times as many high quality applicants as they can accept.

For medical schools to drop out of USNews rankings costs nothing to the medical school.

Moreover, I do not think that any of the top applicants for these medical schools are choosing their medical school based on USNews rankings. There are 154 medical schools and almost every med school applicant who is ultimately successful is familiar enough with enough of these schools to know which is best for them, and even which are the most prestigious.

Truth is that any applicant who is using USNews to choose a medical school is already ten steps behind the applicants who are ultimately successful.

Lots of positive attention for little or no cost.


The schools will still be ranked. They’re just not sending any info/data to USNews.


This! :point_up_2:t3:

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Additions to the list:

Johns Hopkins
University of Michigan