Medical specialization

<p>Let me cut to the chase. I have wanted to become a doctor for as long as I know. I do not want to be a general practitioner or pediatrician and I have wanted to specialize. I will also never become a dentist, neurologist, any surgeon, psychiatrist, or chiropractor. I want to specialize in something anything but my only conditions are that I want it to be interesting, I want to have some kind of a family life and not be on call at all days of the year. If someone could help me figure something out that would be lovely. So far, I have come across infectious disease and oncology. Are either of these better? Does anyone have any recommendations?</p>

<p>Nuclear Medicine
ER Doc</p>

<p>Are you college student right now? If you’re not in medical school trying to pick your rotations, this question isn’t particularly useful to ask at this point. You learn a lot and a lot changes by the time you get to that point. Based on experience as a high school/college student, I think it’s really impossible to say what subfield of medicine you want to or will go into.</p>

<p>Thanks BeerMe and Nanotechnology, I’m in HS but I would like to have at least a very generic idea… even if not set in stone so that I can have some sanity!</p>