Medicine vs Engineering

I am currently a junior in high school and I have been very confused about what to apply for as a major next year in college. Since childhood I have been planning on becoming a doctor but after taking physics and calculus, I am also really interested in engineering. I don’t want to do BME since I’ve heard it doesn’t go much into depth in any field and the job options are pretty low too. My grades are fine and I have extracurriculars in both areas… I also don’t really know what to do inside of engineering, mainly cuz I haven’t been exposed to much of it (I legit just starting thinking of it as an option this year).

I was also thinking of just applying to neuroscience for some colleges and engineering in others based on what the college is better in and seeing what I get into? I feel like that isn’t the right course though.
Does anyone have any advice?
Thank you!

You can major in engineering and still take the pre-med requirements. It is not an either/or decision at this point.


Agree with poster above.

If you’re uncertain, it’s better to start off in engineering due to the lockstep curriculum. It’s easier to switch out of engineering than into it. The first year of an engineering major will mostly be general engineering classes and GEs so you don’t need to pick out an engineering concentration yet.

As a FYI, post-graduation employment options for a neuroscience degree are pretty bleak–worse even than a general biology degree.

If you want to third option–consider a majors in any of the following fields: mathematics/applied mathematics, statistics/biostatistics, bio-informatics, or physics.

Any of those majors offer much better post-college employment options than biology and have less restrictive coursework requirements than engineering. Completing a physics major can qualify you for an engineering grad program if you take a few general undergrad engineering classes.

What if I did a double major for physics and biology? I don’t feel like it would be too much for me to handle (I also haven’t experienced it so who knows) and I would be able to keep my options open… I feel like if I do just physics med school becomes very hard to get into and I don’t want to close that off either.

Uh, no.

What you major in will not have that big of an impact in your med-school decision but more the activities, extra-curricular experiences, and volunteering you have done. Most colleges also know that you are subject to changing your major when you apply, so don’t stress about picking the perfect one.

Wait, if you love biology and physics, try taking biophysics? I am only a sophomore at high school and am planning to go into medicine for sure (cough). Biophysics covers a lot of math and physics and even acquaints you with biology (don’t take my word for it, do some research). I am not completely sure about this, again, as I am only a sophomore in high school. A biophysics major won’t “stop” you from getting into medical school. It is actually the second most popular major for “pre-meds”. Maybe get a major in biophysics and minor in neuroscience? If you like it a lot, you could take up the challenge and double major in your preferred science + neuroscience. For your interest in medicine (your childhood dream :smile:) and engineering (your new interest in math/physics), biophysics seems like a solid option.

Personally I plan to double major in biophysics and neuroscience (I like computer science too). It’s too early for me to decide :neutral:.

I’m sure you’ve heard of Johns Hopkins University. This is what a biophysics major can look forward to:

If you take the courses required for a medical school application, it does not much matter what your major is. Physics is a perfectly good choice as would be biophysics but there are not many biophysics programs so you should be flexible.