Mediocre GPA & High SAT scores

So it’s the summer of my junior year and the SAT results for June just came out. I’m looking into some pretty competitive schools for pre-med and was wondering about my realistic chances for each. To start, here are the schools beginning with greatest interest:

Duke, Stanford, U Michigan, Yale, Berkeley, UCLA, Northwestern, USC, U Penn, Princeton

My academic numbers:

UW GPA(9-12): 3.69
W GPA(9-12): 4.56
UC GPA: 4.00

SAT Superscore: 2320 (730 cr, 800 math, 790 writing)
SAT Single Test: 2250 (730 cr, 800 math, 720 writing)
SAT II Bio: 790
SAT II Math II: 800

I’ve taken 11 AP/IB classes (year long) and am going to take 7 more next year. Most of my other classes were honors and weighted at my school. My school is extremely competitive and is in the top 15 public high schools nation wide according to (ranked 2nd in California). I have an excellent grade trend, beginning with straight B’s in the first semester of my sophomore year and ending with straight A’s (5.0 Weighted) for my entire junior year. My freshman year was a mix of A’s and B’s. My low grades can primarily be attributed to having to deal with a personal medical disorder and attempting to adjust to a large high school from my extremely small junior high (16 graduating eighth graders).

Internship at UCLA conducting orthopedic research (This summer, 200 hours).
Referee for youth soccer games (Since 2012)
Basketball coach at my old junior high (Since 2014)
Weekly landscaping at various properties (Since 2014)
(Hopefully) Volunteering at my local hospital
Varsity Cross Country and Track junior and senior years

I can get great letters of rec from my teachers and even from the UCLA professor who I have been working with over the summer. I am confident in my abilities to write good essays and personal statements.

Overall, my application seems pretty solid, but my lower than desired GPA seems concerning. If anyone could give their opinion on my chances for these schools, I would greatly appreciate it!

Duke- reach
Michigan- low reach
Standford- Reach
Yale/Princeton- reach
Penn- reach
USC/UCLA- low reach
NU- reach
Apply to the other UCs so you have a back up
Predict Results-

Duke, Stanford, Penn, Yale, Princeton - Reaches (NU is probably also a reach)

UCLA and ucb are the only matches but sue to holistic admissions I’d advise you add acouple p other UC’s, or universities where you automatically qualify for honors college admission, or, if money is no object and you need neither merit nor need asked aid, some private universities with acceptance rates in the 40s and universities with rolling admissions such as Pitt.
Everything else is an automatic reach in that you look perfect on paper but so will,literally, thousands others, and at the universities you’re aiming for, it’s a real crap shoot. You will, without a doubt,make the first cut because your academics are very strong* but after that all bets are off.

  • for universities such as the ones you're aiming for, the law of diminishing returns applies after 8-10 AP's. The "everything but the kitchen sink " approach to APs will not endear you, and having one subject taken to AP level junior year then pushed to college sophomore level at a community college will yield more results than three extra APs.

You could get into UCB UCLA Michigan and USC

Stanford, Yale, Princeton and Duke: High reach to almost no chances
NU: Reach

High SAT???


It is what it is. The only thing you can do about the GPA is to keep up your current 4.0 performance.

If you do get a competitive admit, I can almost guarantee you that they will be looking very carefully at your Senior year results, so it would be a bad time to let those other issues come back.