Medium Size Colleges-Northeast

My son is interested in majoring in secondary education in Math and or business analytics. He would like to attend college that has about 4000-10000 students in the northeast. He has about a 90 average from a competitive private high school and will probably score around 1300 or so on the SAT. He is a junior and will take the SAT in May. We hope to receive some merit aid since we will have about 200k for the four years.

His interests are skiing, hiking and clubs. Sports are not a major interest.

I am looking for suggestions for colleges to explore with him. He has been to University of Vermont ( liked it a lot), Saint Anselme College ( nice but -too small), Sacred Heart University ( liked it), Binghamton ( ok-price would be great), Salve Regina ( too small), URI (did not like it), Holy Cross ( expensive-no merit offered), UNH ( liked it-heard college having financial cuts to faculty and staff) and Scranton (ok-wasn’t crazy about the city). We drove through St. Michael’s College in Vermont( did not like it) and Providence ( too tired to explore due to 2 tours that day-heard they are stingy on merit money).We plan on looking at University of Loyola (MD), St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, Susquehanna ( may be too small), Fairfield and Marist. Do know know much about Roger William University or Stonehill.

Ideally, he would like to be able to go skiing on the weekends.

We may explore other SUNY colleges and Plymouth St.

I think you have a lot of good choices on your list.

SUNY New Paltz might be another good option in the SUNY system – my S’s close friend went there for education and enjoyed it. Quinnippiac in CT is another nice mid-size college. Not sure if Siena near Albany would be too small (around 3,000 students) but the school offers merit aid.

Roger Williams is a very solid school and excellent in a few specific majors. It is a strikingly beautiful location on the ocean, lots of sailing and athletics. Lots of skiers and access to northern New England skiing. However it’s a full weekend type deal and less of a day trip- but those are doable too.

Stonehill is a lot like saint anselm and assumption. St mikes too.

University of Maine has a smaller feel. Depending on where you live, they may offer in state tuition.

Let me second SUNY New Paltz. Beautiful area. A school not listed but highly rated for both secondary ed and business analytics is TCNJ. They love out of state students and have fairly achievable merit aid for them. However, skiing is 60-90 minutes away.

Ithaca springs to mind. His stats are only slightly higher than average there, though, so a large merit scholarship is not guaranteed.

Quinnipiac, SUNY Geneseo. Dickinson, Gettysburg, St. Lawrence (smaller). Seconding UMaine (ticks a lot of boxes) as does Clarkson.

My son will be a senior at St Mike’s this fall (hopefully) majoring in Psych minoring in Creative Writing. He absolutely loves it. I mean really, really loves it. The thought of campus not opening this fall due to COVID 19 has him utterly depressed, and I can’t fathom that anyone could simply “not like it” just driving through as I find the campus beautifully cozy.

Their Education Department is very active, probably one of their most popular programs. Outdoor and skiing programs are extremely active. St Mike’s students can get season passes at Sugarbush for $99 with free transportation every Saturday.

St Mike’s does seem smaller than what your son is looking for, but on the other hand sounds like you’re son’s numbers are above their average which could land him a sweet merit scholarship (as my son got, fortunately). So really we only have positive things to say about St Mike’s

However without a doubt the top College in that neck of the woods is Middlebury. Has he looked into it?

@yankee17 Are you in-state for any of the states in the Northeast?

Have you run the NPC for UVM? For us it did correctly predict merit aid, but your son’s stats might not qualify (?). I do not think that it meets your budget without merit aid.

U.Maine might just meet your budget (which is quite good) even out of state without merit aid. It is the best fit that I can think of in this area (we live in the northeast).

I’d look at Lehigh and Bucknell. And yes, Pennsylvania does have skiing.

My daughter just graduated from Susquehanna. I can’t say enough good things about the school. From start to finish, it was superb. Professors, study abroad, quality of education, facilities. I’m really glad she chose the school. She didn’t think it was too small.

I echo U of Maine at Orono – even if they don’t match in-state tuition they are giving deep discounts for the other states. I researched this school heavily for DS and found it was close to outdoor winter sports, 40 miles from a national park, a nearby international airport (no need to drive), ABET accredited CS and engineering, and many great departments that I didn’t expect it to have, like theater and other arts. It’s an underappreciated school IMHO. Otherwise known as a hidden gem. : )

And a great college hockey program as well. ? Two-time national champions.

We plan on taking a look at Maine.-Orono. Middlebury is a great school but his stats may not get him in. He is not interested in the language requirement at Middlebury.

We had plans for a PA road trip in April but that was cancelled with the health crisis. The virtual tours are informative but it is nothing like being there and engaging with the faculty and or students.