Meet UCR students or students that are coming into UCR this year!

<p>Wassup everybody</p>

<p>Lets make this thread a place where we can meet UCR people</p>

<p>If you are already a UCR student then introduce yourself with some kind of contact like facebook or aim. </p>

<p>and If you are going to be a UCR student this year, then also introduce yourself </p>

<p>Me- </p>

<p>I am a community college student right now and im transferring to UCR this fall 2009.</p>

<p>yo! I made the "ask a first year questions" thread. </p>

i know
but this thread has nothing to do with questions!</p>

<p>it's just meeting UCR students! thats it lol</p>

<p>Reviving this thread for the sake of networking!!</p>

<p>wow u r really into networking you pedo lol jk</p>

<p>dude,, its creepy when high school girls flirt with you when youre in college... seriously!!! its like get away from me lawsuit!</p>

<p>Dude thats 25 to life hahaha wow really. well their always a loop hole on everything lol jk</p>

<p>i first thought you had a place in mind like the socal bonfire (not really even socal -_-..more like midcal)</p>

<p>lol, planning for them always end up being a bit iffy anyway, but its cool to see someone try to put one together every year! </p>

<p>If ya'll are down, I'm having a poolparty/bbq at Sterling later this week on Thursday. (im down by the pool everyday making some bomb steak anyway haha)
mostly 2nd-4th year friends are coming, but incoming 1st years are welcome! </p>

<p>oh yeah, fb Machete</p>

<p>how about the first week of school?</p>

<p>Didn't the people at the UCR fb group set up a bonfire thing</p>

<p>Yea its a fb event Login</a> | Facebook</p>

<p>nice, hope you guys get a good turn out!!</p>

<p>I ll run into the fire with all the UCR haters Ill call it jihad</p>

<p>lmao jay! </p>

<p>ay we've been wondering where you at on fb? a bunch of us found each other on the 2013 group lol.</p>

<p>I have to make one I m like in denied i ll be leaving myspace. I ll make one soon</p>

<p>"thats so highschool" hahhaha</p>

<p>the new facebook is a bit annoying but you'll learn to love it, cuz it is the number one social thingie that all college students use to mix and mingle o.O hahah</p>

<p>alright i ll hit you up when i make one</p>

<p>lol, i just made a FB not that long ago just for the sake of it :D</p>

<p>damn i m behind. cape time !!!!!!!!!!</p>