Meeting coaches on unofficial visits

Basic question: When planning meet ups with coaches (rowing) for unofficial visits, wondering if they meet on weekends, or always stick to weekdays, or doesn’t matter.

Not a rower, but we have met up with coaches on a weekend. I don’t think it really matters, it’s more up to the coach and when they’re available.

I don’t think most coaches know what weekends are. But their spouses might, and there might be issues with facility access. Definitely not weekdays only as a general rule though. If you’re aiming for weekend, I’d just ask politely if it works for them or if a weekday would be better.

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We had one coach (T&F, NESCAC) specifically request that we schedule a weekday rather than a weekend, but the others have just presented date ranges without specifically ruling out weekends. That being said, we are picking weekdays to try to coordinate with campus tours now that many campuses have opened for those.

A coach might be willing to meet you on weekends. Rowing is a little different for men and women as women’s rowing is an NCAA sport and men’s is not, so the rules are different.