<p>So meiklejohns came out today and people either got 1, 2, or 4 meiklejohns. Can someone tell us how these got determined? I ended up with 2, but I don't know why.</p>

<p>Hey, so I'm a Meiklejohn! (maybe I'm yours? We don't know!) 14ers--email your Meiklejohns (or Facebook us, or whatever)! We want to hear from you.</p>

<p>Some people get two if one will be abroad each semester. That happened to me. Since you have a separate Meiklejohn for each semester, you get advising all year round. Others get four if they are in a concentration that has a separate advising system (engineering) or a PLME. There may be other cases, too.</p>

<p>so we should facebook friend them?</p>

<p>I friended mine, as did a lot of other people. They were happy to hear from their advisees, and I, along with my Meiklejohn friends, are really excited to meet you!</p>

<p>Yes, friend them!</p>