Mel Brooks' Frankenstein discount tix

<p>Discount tix thru for April vacation week! Discount code is TCHG1 ! I got April 20th :)</p>

<p>You could also try your hand at the lottery. We did it over Christmas week which I thought would make our chances slim to none, but there was really no one else there and we got $26 tickets, front row center! I have heard that from a few other people too that the lottery for that show doesn't seem to have lots of names in it and I think they give 8 or 9 pairs of tickets out!</p>

<p>HaHa,,, I would think since you are "melsmom", he would be able to comp you tickets!!!...The show was very cute; unfortunately we paid full price.....</p>

<p>I get comped, not to be MelB's mom! We love the movie, so I'm looking forward to the musical.</p>

<p>We are leaving for NYC on Saturday. I had wanted to see a Broadway show, but tickets were way too expensive. Can someone fill me in the lottery for tickets. I haven't heard of that option. Thanks.</p>

<p>Not all shows have a lottery, so check with the individual theaters. The procedure varies, but you have to sign up for the lottery quite early, and then come back at a certain time to see if you won. </p>

<p>You can also check the TKTS booth, which is currently located at the Mariott Hotel in Times Square. Tickets are generally 50% off. Off-Broadway shows are a great buy, as their prices are cheaper to begin with.</p>

<p>onstage, which shows currently don't have a rush or standingroom policy? I'm curious which you might be thinking of without.</p>

<p>collegebound, here's a link to the policies which currently list. </p>

<p>Playbill</a> Celebrity Buzz: Broadway Rush and Standing Room Only Policies</p>

<p>Check the shows you're interested in and see how their policy works. Rush policies can be implemented in the form of a line (first come/first served) or lotto (usually done two hours before curtain). Many shows also have standing room tickets for a low price. Also check out, or for discount codes. TKTS is a good choice for many shows for same day tickets. </p>

<p>Have fun!</p>

<p>Also try Ticket delivery can be by email sometimes and some of the discounts are pretty good. DD and I often sit in the nosebleed seats to get a good price on a show. Most of the theatres, those seats aren't really that far from the stage.</p>

<p>When I originally posted this they had orchestra seats for row AA at $65 for a wednesday matinee for Frankie. I don't think you can beat nosebleeds stink no matter what, I wouldn't even go if it was free. Ya gotta experience it close up!</p>

<p>I'm not sure which shows aren't offering lottery or rush tickets at the moment. The last time my D checked, some of the sold-out shows like Wicked didn't have anything available. That was during the Christmas holidays. Unfortunately, this week coincides with Easter and spring breaks -- so it may be a similar situation. If anyone has a particular show in mind, just call the box office and they will give you details.</p>

<p>Actually, now that I think about it, the show might have been Spring Awakening -- because she had already seen Wicked. I'm not sure! Anyway, all shows are not always available, so check in advance.</p>

<p>Just be warned that when a show does a rush instead of a lottery, the crazy fans line up at like, 6 AM to get tickets. No joke. I've known people who've camped out overnight at Spring Awakening and Legally Blonde because they heard understudies were going on.</p>