Memorial Weekend Plans?

Here in Ohio today is not feeling like the first “summer” weekend! Heavy rain, winds and 48 degrees!

But Memorial Day weekend it is! Any special plans related to the holiday? Outings planned? Social activities?

I’m going to luxuriate in having 3 days largely at home after a busy last weekend and a busy next weekend (moving child #3 to a 3rd floor apt - yay!?)

My plans include finishing some flower bed weeding, mulching and planting a couple last pots. Varnishing a very cool mid century modern curbside find for ^^^ said child moving.
Visit an outdoor used book fair for an organization I belong to.
Push H to go get the new grill we need!
Usual weekend visit to my mom.

Whatcha doing?


Pretty quiet weekend here in NoVA. Weather is going to be cool and rainy on Saturday and Sunday so after my Saturday morning run I hope to meet a friend for lunch and that’s it.

Monday should be beautiful! I am signed up to help in the volunteer garden at my church (we grow veggies for anyone in the community who wants/needs them and donate most to local food banks). I am super excited about that. Some friends are coming over for a cookout later in the afternoon that day.


It’ll be a rainy weekend here too. No plans.

We’ll be heading home tomorrow - been gone three weeks as of tomorrow - and will have just 4 days at home before we head out again.

I envision laundry, lawn mowing, catching up with the ponies, chickens and our cat, bills, newspapers, and other such “fun” stuff. We will, undoubtedly, still get some family games in since medical boy is still with us.

Nothing “Holiday Special” is planned. We enjoy our travels on non peak times.

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Looks like we will have high 60’s to low 70’s near the beaches in San Diego this weekend. I’m going to visit my parents tomorrow and H and I are doing things around the house on Sunday. Monday will be a barbecue at our friends house.


It will be rainy and 20 degrees colder than usual here! Older S’ GF graduated yesterday. So we are driving up to have lunch and give her a present. Then, we will head to my parents’ lakehouse and visit for the rest of the day. Good thing I don’t care to swim. Monday, we (younger S, H & I) will go hiking at a new to us place about 1:30 away. I found a neat diner nearby that will hopefully be open.


Girls will be off on an excursion of their own, and DH is going to his mom’s for part of the weekend because there’s a tractor ride there Sunday. That was the big hobby he did with his dad who passed last summer.

So I am sort of on my own. But, my mom needs help with her cell phone, and I am going to take her to the cemetery, and I play organ at church Sunday morning. I’m invited to my sister’s cookout Sunday evening.

DD’19 who has been living & working with her sister will be home Monday, then leaves for summer camp job on Wednesday.


Had breakfast with an old friend today, having dinner with 3 other couples tomorrow, having crabs (we are in Maryland) with another couple Sunday and going for a long walk with a friend Monday.
Our social calendar is not normally so busy, but I guess we have lots of catching up to do.
Normally a long bike ride would be part of this weekend, but I’m terrified cicadas will land on me and freak me out.


Not much…

Probably practice the piano. I have some pieces and I do NOT want my 94 y/o piano teacher upset with me :cold_sweat:.

Other than that, not much. Lots of fireflies where I live so sometimes I just sit outside watching.

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I forgot that we’ll be going back to firefly season! We get thousands to hundreds of thousands where we live when it’s at its peak. The trees and fields are lit up like it’s Christmas. It’s definitely enjoyable to just watch them. I think our peak season is mid June, so we’ll see how many there are this early.

I may be growing up, and SUPPOSEDLY :wink: , I am getting more mature, but every single time I take a walk, I find myself, in the end, prancing about trying to catch fireflies. They seem to know exactly when to fly higher so that I start jumping like an overgrown rabbit :joy:


And talking about fireflies, I recently just saw my first blue streaking light firefly (forgot the name lol). I always see the little blinky ones and I was amazed to see the ones that light up in streaks. They look like little blue shooting stars!

We are those people, so in apologize. My husband hates that Memorial Day is about celebrating and bbqs, so we’ve never done any of that. He actually has to serve military honors at a funeral this weekend, so it’s driven home extra this year. By happenstance we rescheduled my daughter’s grad gift from last summer to tomorrow- she’ll be spending some time with her sister and some sloths.


We have plenty we mistake as shooting stars around here. I think they’re the females. Normally they wait in trees for the males to find them, but they have to get to the trees. The males are the quick flashers.

That’s assuming a guy who told us about them at a state park was correct and my memory is remembering it correctly. Males and females differ.

There are also several different species in different locations worldwide. When one of our boys was in the Philippines he went to an area to see theirs (tourist stuff) and came away disappointed thinking, “that’s it?” They only had small patches here and there. He grew up with multitudes everywhere. When he returned he wondered if we could make our road into a tourist stop!

It’s not supposed to get out of the 40’s today or tomorrow…with rain parts of both days. I’m sure we will find lots to do indoors!


We’re leaving next Sunday for the long drive to Maine, so we’re spending this weekend and most of next week culling through our kitchen and closets for things that can live in the new place, cleaning out the fridge/freezer/pantry to dispose of items that will not survive our absence, and generally readying the house to be dormant for five months. So, work not play this weekend.

Here’s our weather this week:

The high today at the cabin is 55. :blush:


S is getting married this afternoon. We’re in New York State where it’s freezing cold and pouring rain. Bride’s family is scrambling to move outdoor events to a warmer and drier location.


A few years ago, our DD and SIL got married on a similarly cold and rainy day. It was a festive time despite the weather.

And it’s good luck supposedly if it rains on your wedding day.



Thanks Thumper. All that matters to them is that they’re married. The weather and rescheduling of other events will just be part of the wedding lore.


Oh dear. My dad lives in NY (Hudson Valley) and reported 41 degrees today… BRRRR