Mennen Hall question

<p>How are the singles? I currently live in a Dickson single.</p>

<p>Is there Ethernet connection or just wireless? </p>

<p>Any other comments about it?</p>

<p>Is Mennen Hall women only?</p>

<p>I thought only Lyon was women only</p>

<p>Or if anyone has any info about Founders Hall, please share.</p>

<p>Mennen hall has one or two guys floors.</p>

<p>it probably has an ethernet connection. I think the wireless in Mennen and Lyon is almost brand new, so they probably didn't rip out all the ethernet stuff that people would have relied on up till recently.</p>

<p>I've never been in a Mennen room but I don't think they're known for being particularly big or small. the Dickson single I've visited was very small indeed, so I doubt it's smaller. it's all one big long hallway for each floor, so there's no semblance of suites nor any dead ends. on the ground floor there are some pretty giant-looking rooms that might be suites or apartments or something, I'm not really sure.</p>

<p>Founders doesn't have laundry in it, but the walk from Founders to Mennen is just basically across a sidewalk, and then you can get to Lyon (which has laundry) without going outside. there's a lounge with DirecTV that is also the kitchen. the bottom floor at least has a very wide and slightly ugly hallway and vending machines that don't take BRBs. (I know, what the heck?) on the first floor the showers and toilets are rather close together in a surprisingly small bathroom...but it's still plenty clean.</p>

<p>both Mennen and Founders are part of Flora Rose House.</p>

<p>Any idea about Baker Tower? :/</p>

<p>hmmm haven't been in there in a while but the rooms are supposed to be very spacious. there is no elevator, so you have to walk up however far you're going in the tower.</p>

<p>the last post in this thread has better information than I do about Baker Tower:
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<p>hey, thanks! :)</p>

<p>anyone else have anything?</p>

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