<p>hey...i wanted to know if being a mensa member is a strong hook to get into stanford...tnx..:-p</p>

<p>I doubt it. It's fairly easy to get into Mensa, you only have to score top 2%. I would just list it with your other accomplishments, but not make a big deal of it.</p>

<p>what's mensa?</p>

<p>mensa is a society of pretentious wanna be pseudo-intellectuals</p>

<p>I agree, being in Mensa is hardly impressive. If you are applying to Stanford, 9/10 times you are applying with a standardized test score in the 99% anyways.</p>

<p>Yeah, top 2% is cake, seriously. <em>note the sarcasm</em> It's no hook, but it's kinda cute.</p>

<p>Mensa probably won't impress Stanford. However, some of the more <em>extreme</em> high-IQ societies might...</p>