Mental health at bs?

So, as M10 approaches, I’ve started to think a lot more about the realities of bs. I have some diagnosed mental…things (depression + anxiety, mostly) and I realized I probably can’t continue with my current therapist when I’m a few states away. How do Andover, Exeter, and Milton handle students’ mental health? I can’t really find a lot of specific information on the websites.

Not a student there but this is something I asked my interviewer. Apparently, they have a team of psychologists and therapists on call. One of these schools (forgot which one) told me they have a 24/7 distress line for students.

While I have no direct experience with those three schools, this is a question we asked when kiddo was going through the admissions process as she too has dealt with anxiety & depression. Every school has a team of mental health experts and they’re usually readily available. When kiddo was feeling especially anxious on her first day of in person classes, the health center paired her with the head of the mental health department at the school and he met with her via zoom twice a week at first and then regularly after that. He’s also continued to keep in touch with her over the break (though she’s dropped the ball since being home so we are currently getting them reconnected).

I would strongly encourage you to speak with the health department upon enrollment so you have a connection from day one. The other nice thing about meeting with someone from school is that they’re more familiar with the ins and outs of life at boarding school, the particulars of your specific school, and they can reach out to those who see you on a daily basis (as needed) to make sure you have a nice supportive scaffolding in place.

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I have no insight into these schools. However, I commend you for your self awareness, and your desire to “be prepared”.

Your concerns are valid. BS can be stressful beyond mere academics; there are 2 students in my child’s dorm that I know of who have taken breaks from attending due to mental health.

Is Teledoc an option for you?

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I’m not sure what Teledoc is, actually.

As for the other people who responded, that’s really helpful and reassuring. From what my mom says from her time at bs is that there wasn’t really a lot of support, so it’s good that there’s more now and that it’s not too hard to get. : )

Sorry. I misspelled it: Teladoc Health.
It can, in some cases, replace in person medical care with phone/video.
(I haven’t used it. I’ve just been notified by my insurance that it’s covered. Maybe your family’s insurance covers it too.)

Some mental health care providers also are doing Zoom visits. At least, I’ve helped my neighbors sign into their appts.

Basically “zoom therapy” but I believe that the therapist needs to be in the same state as the patient. So if you are going to BS in another state and want to keep your therapist you’d need to ask about the out of state issue (I know it is an issue for some, don’t know if it’s an issue for all).

BS can exacerbate mental health issues, in a big way, if you cannot keep your therapist I would encourage you to find a new one, in your BS state now. Yes, campuses have mental health professionals as well but there is no guarantee you will click with one.

Also, if you are on medication and therefore need check ins with the prescriber, remember to start scheduling those for break now so that you aren’t scrambling to get appointments.

Good for you for planning ahead.