Mental health issues

As someone who has experienced many, throughout undergrad and graduate school, I welcome questions from students or parents :slight_smile:

Mental Health Issue - People seem to want the bullies to win.
This is a mental health issue that is getting me down. It is about bullying, and how bullies seem to win in life.
I think it is bad thing that most people support the bully.
I was bullied at school, and also in adult life. I always thought the people who bullied me would feel guilty. That they would ask for my forgiveness. The reality is they all still hate me, and feel they are in the right for bullying me.

But what really hurt me, was that I thought my friends would stick by me.
In reality most of my friends turned to the side of the bullies.

The most horrifying thing I have discovered is that;
Most people seem to support the bully over the victim.
Most people seem to be either the bully or they support the bully.
Loads of women boast of fancying bullies, as if it is something to be proud of.
While most of the men seem to be either bullies or people who want the bully to win.

When you look at Hollywood movies you would think most people want the victim to win.
But in reality the horrifying discovery for me is that most people WANT the bully to win, and the victim to lose.
They want the bully to get the top jobs, and the victim to lose and be humiliated,
Most people hate the victims of bullying more than the bully.
I remember going on a jobs course and one tutor said that people do not care about what qualifications you get, they just care that there is not a weirdo working for them.
Most people seem to support the bully, bullying the weirdo.
In reality, in the real World. The bully is supported by the majority. In the same way a town of racists support the racist over their victim. A town of homophobes support the homophobe over the gay victim.
When you try and get a job as a weirdo, people seem to hate you.,
As a weirdo, this is tough.
And no matter what I do people see me as weird. No matter how normal or quiet, or loud it does not make any difference.
I was once told by one bully, that I was so normal that I was weird. What chance do I have? Even when I behave normally people think I am a weird.
I do not walk around dressed as a town crier, or talk in klingon, or dress in pink, or purple clothes, or dress as a cosplay character. I do not deliberately behave weirdly, but It makes no difference. The bullies hate me and see me as weird.
When I look back at school, I remember three times when I fought back against a bully and other kids gathered round and shouted in support of my bully.
They just automatically supported the bully. I remember the guy who bullied me just jumped on me and pushed me against a wall. So I pushed him back, then some horrible school girl came over and made fun of the way I was pushing back.
This sort of thing had a profound impact on me. It made me think most people support the bully.
And people would refuse to sit by me., Looking at me like I was a disease.
Women would shiver, men would call me insults.

In my view it is creepy, warped, twisted, depraved, nasty, cruel, evil, narcissistic, trite and selfish to support the bully.

The thing is though it does not change in adult life.
People want the bully to win.
They support the bully, they care for the bully, they empathise with the bully.
Even if they punish the bully, they feel guilty about punishing the bully. But not guilty about hating the victim of the bullying.
I have never used prostitutes. But I saw a TV show about prostitutes. And one horrifying thing stood out for me. One of the prostitutes said they wanted a tough nasty pimp rather than nice pimp, because the nasty -pimp would make them work harder and earn more money. This seems to be the case for most adults in all lines of work.
People seem to want tough nasty men to win.
The bad guys win, because weak minded people want the bad guy to win.
When I was growing up into adulthood I found out people bullied me because they saw me as creepy, a mong, a weirdo.
I always had the childish idea that people would grow up and change. But no people do not change. The people who bullied me at school because they saw me as creepy, weird or a mong. They still hate me, with more contempt, hatred, passion and fury than I could ever imagine. If I fight back they hate me. If I try to make friends with them, they hate me. It is ruthless, relentless, and remorseless hatred.
The majority of people are on the side of evil when it comes to bullying.
You get cocky bad boy men wanting the bully to win. You get smug pro bully women wanting the bully to win, and thinking it makes them profound to support people being bullied by their man.
The majority of people want the bully to win. They see bullies as required to get rid of wierdoes and freaks. Even when the bully is punished, they are welcomed back into the fold. While the freaks or wierdoes are kept out.
I would love it if that changed. But it won’t.
The vast majority of people are either bullies, or support the bullies.
It seems that the bad guys always win in the end.
Thanks for reading

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The more I read about mental health issues students have in college, the more I start to doubt my decision to apply to a college. Tell me I’m wrong, please.

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I wouldn’t worry about college per se as an issue for anyone with mental health issues.

Eg. Tutor a suicidal girl who absolutely wanted Berkeley, got her in, she had her handful of major breakdowns - even the teacher had to take her to the clinic one time.

And you may say it’s the stress of college etc.

But you know what?
Good friends, people to talk to to get thru it all, and she graduated, literally squeeked by with a gpa under 2.5.

And guess what? Now working, she’s got the same sort of issues!

Mental health days, problems, etc.

The point is, doesn’t matter if you roll over and do nothing, or do something - the mental issues don’t care where you are in life.

Flip it around - there will never be a perfect environment and avoiding life doesn’t make those mental issues go away.

Just gotta find ways to live while dealing with your setbacks.

sometimes its not the people who look sad, its also the people that look happy

Yes, I agree with your comment. Therefore, we work on the [url=] mental health practice management of students. Students with mental illnesses should be given therapy.

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