Mercer Presidential Scholarship 2021 and Special Considerations Program 2021

Anyone attended last Friday/Saturday 1/22 and 1/23 interviews. Please post your results and stats.
Anyone also applied for the Special Considerations program Medicine - please share your results

4.0 UW 4.29 W 8 AP’s 14 Honors Great EC’s including multiple sports and Captain positions. Received 20k for applying and invited to Scholarship interviews and Special Consideration for Med School. Had to withdraw beforehand when accepted to ED school. Good luck! Nice program!

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Mercer was on my D’s list. We are from New England but have a place in Florida so D is looking at southern schools, not too big not small. The weird censorship thing is a bummer at the law school (school overall seem to be okay with this?!) We are middle of the road type politically, and aware that some colleges lean left of us. The Lin Wood censor thing is a huge turn off. She loved Berry but too small, Emory is a stretch. Florida State, UCF, Rollins, Eckerd hopefully don’t come with the censorship baggage.

DS attended the interview weekend. Mercer did and amazing job handling the crowds with distancing but still giving tours and information sessions. He has 4.52 W GPA, 8 AP, 4 years varsity sport, great EC’s. Haven’t heard anything yet.

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D not selected for SCP Medicine. From North Georgia (Roswell/Alpharetta/Cumming). Not rural. Also ORM in Medicine. Waiting for how it will go with the Presidential Scholarship. SAT 1450, GPA 4.0, average ECs. 4 APs and 6+ DE.

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Son attended Presidential Scholarship weekend. Was originally awarded $22K scholarship. 4.0 gpa (100%+) they don’t give above a 4.0, 34 ACT, 2/250, 14 APs (two 4s and the rest 5s), solid EC for what he wants to study, lots of leadership. Keeping all options open because this year has been so unpredictable.

D received a nice box today 2/9 with the Presidential scholarship letter. Attended Scholarship interview on 1/22-1/23. Please share if Stamps scholarship finalists have been notified.



My son also received the box with his Presidential scholarship award…also awaiting Stamps info.



My daughter received a box as well. Has anyone opened theirs. Did it raise the scholarship significantly?

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Yes, As @Momma2boyz said, her son has received up to full tuition. Some may receive an increase of a few thousand. Please share how much your daughter has received,

My son’s went from $20K to $26K.

My daughters scholarship offer went up by $5000. I am not sure if that makes it doable…

What was your student’s increase?

Doesn’t state a specific dollar amount. She received full tuition (less HOPE). So if one received 26k+5.5k HOPE i.e 31.5k - So about 5.5k short of full tuition.


My son’s came this morning. Went from $20k to $26k.

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My daughter is interviewing at the Heritage Scholarship Day on 2/20. She’s got a 4.25 W GPA and 30 ACT with good ECs, leadership, and volunteering. Her base merit award is 22K and I’m hoping for a decent increase. It looks like the increases that aren’t full tuition are around 5 or 6 thousand. Congrats to you all and good luck to any fellow Heritage folks.

Good luck!

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I didn’t realize that my daughter needed to decide by February 26th to accept the scholarship. Did anyone else get an email from their AO saying that? I thought we could weigh all offers and then respond by May 1. She has regular decision applications that she hasn’t heard from.