<p>I'm not sure if I'm doing this whole thread thing right? But I was just wondering, has anyone heard of Mercer University? Besides people living in Georgia? And if so, what kind of reputation does it have?</p>

<p>We visited with D2. Not academic enough for her and she was kind of looking at civil engineering which they don't have. Macon's not wonderful but the campus is very pretty and very friendly and is a nice size. It has an engineering program which is rare for school that size. New sorority houses that they didn't show us on tour. Much more connected to religious affiliation than others such as Furman. It's been a couple of years, but when we looked, if you are a religion major you are majoring in Christianity (not necessarily a bad thing, it depends on what you're looking for).</p>

<p>We love Mercer! They have excellent opportunities & the school is well respected.</p>

<p>I would disagree with the previous posters in that although they came up through religious affiliation, I wouldn't say they push it in any way other than service, certainly not more than Furman that was used as a comparison. </p>

<p>Also academics are quite strong. My oldest daughter attends - very high achieving - straight As in high school, IB program - and actually finds that students are quite surprised at the rigor and expectations. Excellent scholarships for high achieving - ACTIVE - students.</p>

<p>Oldest daughter loves it - she choose it over Emory. Definitely not a big school - but offers a lot for a school its size. Uses its money very strategically for new programs and facilities.</p>

Hi! I know you posted this a couple years ago but I’m a HS senior and would love to know why she chose Mercer over Emory? I have also been accepted to both and need advice!