Merit aid at Albright

I just filled out the NPC online for my D for Albright, and it’s telling me we’re full pay. We make too much for need-based aid, but with a 3.2UW GPA and 1260 SAT, I was certainly expecting a chunk of merit aid. Anyone else have any experience with the Albright NPC?

Update - received very gracious response from admissions. Merit will definitely happen, NPC is sketchy.

NPC was way off from what my son received in his acceptance - merit aid significantly higher than what NPC gave.

Update - took a tour yesterday. Met with admissions, coach, and music professor. Very impressed with our interactions with all three. Albright is definitely in the mix.

@sschickens - We are taking my son to the Accepted Students Day in February. It will be his first visit to Albright (I was there 30 years ago for my own college visit, LOL.) Also got a very nice merit offer. Sounds like you were impressed with staff & professors. Any thoughts on the campus, dorms etc?

@Jeni82 Campus wasn’t the prettiest I’ve seen, but it was a cold, overcast day with very few students on campus. I reminded my son of this while we toured campus. I’m sure it’s very nice in the spring. The dorm and dorm rooms looked nice - pretty similar to others we’ve seen. There’s a mix of new buildings with old, but none of the older buildings were in disrepair. The recording studio looked relatively new and impressed my son. My son also loved the stadium - it’s probably the biggest and nicest one we’ve visited. Have a wonderful visit, and please let us know how it goes!

my friend’s daughter with 99th percentile SATs and top 5% of her HS class, has been offered virtually free tuition (but still would have to pay room and board). They’re definitely considering it!

My son applied to Albright without visiting first.
It was a late addition to his list. Like others mentioned, their financial offer was much better than expected from the NPC, so we decided to visit. I thought my son wouldn’t like it due to size and location. We went to the Accepted Students Day last weekend. The event was well run and son liked the professor that he met in his major. He especially liked the small class size. Staff and students were friendly and helpful. Buildings and dorms were as expected for a small school (many older buildings, but attractive.) It rained so wasn’t a pretty day for a visit but the campus was nice and everything is a short walk away. I knew he was comfortable when he ditched us for lunch and ate with a group of students he had just met instead

@Jeni82 Would love an update…did your son choose Albright?

@sschickens He did not end up at Albright. The computer science and physics departments were smaller than he preferred. He liked the school otherwise, but just wasn’t the right fit academically.

@Jeni82 OK, thanks for the update, and I wish your son much happiness and success!

Any idea how much Albright closes the gap between need and EFC?