Merit aid at Dickinson

Could people who have gotten merit aid at Dickinson share their stats?

I don’t know what Dickinson is like these days. I can share that six years go, my D was accepted with the second highest scholarship of about $15k annually. Her GPA UW was about 3.8. Her test score was about 1530 SAT or 34 ACT. Lots of AP and honors classes. This info is possibly outdated now, but I think Dickinson lists their scholarships.

Assume that the top scholarships will probably go to the 4.0 kids with very high test scores and lots of good ECs.

In 2019, S19 got $25,000/year in merit. 1540 SAT, APs in all five main subjects and all 5s, advanced in math taking multivariable calc as a senior, XC/track runner and artist with a portfolio and awards, leadership in local charity, etc.

Test-optional daughter who was heavily involved in the local community applied and received Presidential Scholarship - 35k per year.


Presidential Scholar Admit - 3.74 UW, 4.46 W, As in all 10 AP and IB classes taken, extensive advocacy work. Commonapp essay discussed how I got involved in advocacy and the scholarship essay discussed two advocacy opportunities I did. They also liked my Reynolds scholarship essay where I discussed a local elected official who inspired me to be a better leader.

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