Merit Aid at Northeastern Univ.

<p>Hi all. Just trying to gauge the possibility of obtaining merit aid assistance at NE if my son is accepted there. He is interested in Intl. Business - it seems
that NE is a good place to study that ( along with GW in D.C, etc.. ). The cost at NE is a bit pricey ( along with GW..). I was wondering if NE is some liberal with merit aid or whether only a select few obtain it. My son is an A- student, Natl. Honor Society, tennis varsity, other activities, taking AP classes, did 2140 on the new SAT ( taking it again to bump it up a bit ). Thanks for any help. Enjoy. Marc. my e-mail address is <a href=""></a></p>

<p>Yes, I would say your son is likely to receive merit aid. A number of students with similar stats at my D's HS received generous merit aid from NEU. We attended this Spring's Accepted Students Day and went to the session for In'l Bus. It was very exciting!</p>

<p>Thanks BonTon for the info. Just came across NEU in my school search for my son. My wife suggested looking up in the Boston area. We already went to GW, American, UMaryland, UVa.... GW is nice but quite costly obviously.
Wonder what the chance of getting some merit aid there is ? ( probably not much ). Schools like NEU, etc.. may be the best school for our budget. I will definitely read up on the IBusiness program at NEU. Enjoy. Marc</p>