Merit Aid at SUNY schools

<p>I'm looking for a thread I know I read somewhere (been searching for it) on merit scholarships at SUNY. I know someone posted what they offer, put don't post on their website. If someone can give me the link, it would be greatly appreciated!</p>

<p>I can't help you with the link. Maybe someone else can. I do urge you to list those SUNYs you are interested for your student and look on the web site for their scholarships. Things do change year to year, even.</p>

<p>UB had some automatic scholarships linked to SAT scores. My son got $2500 automatically. My performing arts son got $3500 which came from audition results. There is an honors program there that gives housing and some other benefits along with that automatic scholarship. There are also some very nice bigger awards there that you have to apply for. I really fell down on this one because I was careless and did not research this for my current college son since I thought I knew that school since my older son graduated from teh school. I think my son would have been a strong candidate for one of those big awards had he applied for them. They do need separate application. </p>

<p>Geneseo and Binghamton did not have merit awards. Stonybrook and Albany do.</p>

<p>Which SUNYs are you interested in?</p>

<p>From what I remember, not all SUNYs have the same scholarships. Some have more and some have less.</p>

<p>sk8trmom posted this on another thread...</p>

<p>* This will be slightly OT as many SUNY's don't publish merit requirements and/or the qualifications vary by cohort but, to answer M2CK's question, almost every SUNY that offers merit aid to freshmen (note this does not include Binghamton and Geneseo) either offers a higher award to OOS students, has a separate scholarship specifically for OOS students, and/or has a lower merit threshold for OOS students. Many also have separate scholarships for international students (but that's a whole 'nother thread).</p>

<p>For example, Fredonia's instate Presidential is $3k/year, but the OOS Presidential is $5K. UB's instate merit awards (qualifications vary by applicant pool) range from $3K-full ride, but OOS kids with equivalent stats are awarded $5K or more and it seems the same method used by Stony Brook . Oswego's Presidential scholarships are $4400/year (with a 94 average/1240 SAT), however the $6900 merit scholarship for OOS students requires only a 91 average and 1160 SAT. All of these amounts seem relatively low for merit aid until you consider that tuition at any 4 year SUNY is only $4,970 instate/$12,870 OOS (fees vary by campus but are generally around $1K/yr).</p>

<p>Other SUNYs that offer merit aid include:
Cortland - $2500 for min 90 avg/1100 SAT, OOS students are eligible for an additional $2500 "Future NY'er" award that has no stated merit component</p>

<p>Plattsburg -starts at $1K for instate min 90 avg/1000 SAT but would be $3500 for an OOS student with equivalent stats (and OOS awards have a lower cutoff), calculator available on website</p>

<p>ESF (Syracuse) - up to $3K instate or $6K OOS (varies by pool) cutoff is 90 avg/1200 SAT</p>

<p>This is not a comprehensive list...I know that Albany, Brockport, and others offer merit aid and allude to residency being a factor in the amounts but they simply don't publish details on their websites!

<p>Yup, that's the one I was looking for!</p>