Merit Aid at University of Minnesota

Is there a published chart with criteria (GPA/Test Scores) on how University of Minnesota -TC offers merit aid? DD is OOS (Illinois). GPA 4.1/4.0 ACT 30 Admitted to CLA. Would she qualify for any merit aid at UMN-TC?

There is no auto-merit at UMN, they’re all competitive awards.

Gold Scholar Awards are listed to be up to $10,000 a year. Have any in-state or reciprocity state students ever received the full amount? My student received a $5,000 award; from what I have read most students receiving $10k are out of state.

I’ve never seen a published chart for merit aid but looking through past CC posts, it seems most high GPA/test score applicants received something.

My OOS daughter received the National Award for $15k/year. She has 4.0UW/4.5W, no test scores. She was accepted back at the end of September and the award came at the end of October. Also admitted to Honors around the same time. The scholarship definitely moved UM to the top of her list.