Merit Aid for OOS

We are seriously considering this school but will need some merit aid to make it work. What type of stats does one need for some merit aid here. I’ve looked on the website but could not find anything specific.

They used to be VERY specific on the website but each year it got more and more vague. :-/

My kiddo this year: 1400 SAT and 3.75 GPA got $13K out of state

Mine has a 36 act and 3.9 uw gpa and got 19k.

Mine has 2.9 GPA, 29 ACT (31 if super scored) and OOS. He received 3 scholarship totaling 13k (9k, 3k and 1k). The 3k and 1k stack on any other scholarships.

My OOS son has a 4.43 WGPA, 3.92 UWGPA, 1540 SAT, 34 ACT, NMF and he received 20k per year.