Merit Aid Letter

Hello everyone I just received a letter from Rowan regarding my merit aid scholarship and seeing as I am constantly checking cc about financial aid info I decided to post it here incase it could help anyone.

Rowan is giving me $10,000 each year provided that I’m a full time student and maintain over a 3.0 GPA.
My sat score is 1450 and I’m instate

I hope this information is useful, and happy holidays!

Congratulations on your admittance and award! My daughter received the same today with a 1370 SAT. Best wishes!

received the same with 1450 SAT, 4.0 GPA and lots of volunteering and research

My daughter also received a letter this week with a $10,000/year scholarship award. She is an education major with a 1360 SAT, 3.8 GPA. Totally did not expect so much $ considering that it is a state school and I thought they would not be offering so much merit aid.

My son received $10,000 also. 1430 SAT and 3.996 unweighted GPA. Odd that they all seem to get $10,000, I wonder if that includes the Raise Me micro scholarships. My older son who is now a junior at Ramapo got more when he applied to Rowan 3 years ago, he got $11,000, and had a significantly lower SAT score. However, he got $18,000 at Ramapo, so go figure.

My daughter was also awarded a $10,000 scholarship with a 1520 SAT and 3.9 GPA. Outstanding letters of recommendation and excellent extra curriculars. I am wondering if they have changed the scholarship structure and this is the most they give unless you apply to the honors college? I know from past years some students were automatically offered more money at a later date.

Something doesn’t seem right, with those scores your child should get significantly more than $10k in merit. Even my son’s 1430 SAT is supposed to get him $13k in merit as per their net price calculator. I’m really hoping the amount goes up!

Just FYI, for a 1520 SAT score the net price calculator says she will get $15k in merit aid. So either they need to fix their net price calculator, or these award amounts aren’t final yet.

My son also received $10k. SAT 1470, GPA 3.85.

We received our “official” letter in the mail today about the $10k. It states that it “includes any scholarship money earned through RaiseMe”. Did anybody who got the $10k NOT do the RaiseMe scholarships also? I have a feeling that was a complete waste of our time, that they were giving out the $10k regardless of the amount earned on RaiseMe. Very surprised in the drop in merit amounts for applicants with such high SAT scores. I wonder why they stopped doing it like they used to, with amounts going up as SAT scores went up?

1430 SAT/GPA 3.8 and got 10K as well for Engineering. The letter did not mention a GPA that must be maintained to keep it as the original poster mentioned. Anyone else?

My son also received 10k…his stats are 1500 superscore, 1480 one sitting and a 4.24 GPA with 10 AP’s(?)…

Award letter with financial aid package came today. Looks like the 10k is final along with a loan of $5500.

We did too. My son emailed them to ask why their net price calculator shows a larger amount of merit aid than what they gave him. But pretty sure we won’t get a response until the new year.

Has anyone received a letter giving additional merit money?

Just thought I’d let you know what admissions told my son…he received substantially more merit from Ramapo this year, so he asked Rowan if they could increase the $10k at all. They told him that they changed the merit structure this year, and the top award was $10k. Unfortunately they never changed that on the net price calculator for this year. My son decided that Ramapo is where he’ll be going, good luck to everyone!!!

Good luck to your son! One of my college buddies has a son at Ramapo and he is very happy!

Thanks, my older son is there and we think it’s an awesome school!

My son is planning to apply for entrance in Fall 2020. He is waiting on his first SAT scores, but I think his GPA should get him in and possibly qualify for some merit aid.

My question is (assuming all goes well) does the merit aid award depend at all on whether he has accepted his admissions offer? For example, if he applies in August, is accepted in October, and immediately puts down a deposit, could that have a negative impact on merit aid? Or is that not a factor?

Was not a factor in the case of my two kids. Merit and finances was a separate office from Admissions.