Merit Aid TCNJ

If I didn’t get a merit aid offer in my letter of acceptance on the portal, does that mean they aren’t offering me anything? Or will some come later?

My son received merit aid offer in his acceptance letter last year. What is your gpa, class rank & sat scores? Most schools use that as a base for merit scholarships.

Do we ever receive a financial aid letter??

@Loreli173 Financial aid letters are posted on a different site (PAWS) than the application status site. Check your junk email folder to see if you received an email with instructions on how to access that site. If not, contact the college. We received our award 2-3 weeks ago. Good luck!

Also I believe an official letter is mailed in the summer. But that’s after decision day. I recall reading that either on the site or the materials given at accepted students day. Because they said ‘your award could change’. Which is strange since it’s after decision day. In any event, yes the info is on PAWS.

Yes… they said the bill will be sent out in July. Wow, this was the only school we didn’t get a nice financial package from after the acceptance letter. No merit award. ?

My son’s merit came same time as acceptance, maybe call admissions and ask about it?

My son got merit award $8000 per year. Got it along with the acceptance notice.

@soccermom19 Would you please share you son’s stats? GPA, class rank, school size, SAT/ACT?
Wondering what the stats are for $8K merit a year. That is more than TCNJ has given out in recent years, so congrats!!

@NJRoadie - My DS18 also received 8k/year with his acceptance. His stats included 13 AP classes, 1540 SAT, top 5% of his class. In addition, he wrote about his unusual community service which showed significant time commitment. He received his merit away with his acceptance letter.

@veggylover - thank you for your response!

I admit that I am stunned at the small merit for those great stats.

@NJRoadie TCNJ has a low sticker price…and they have many top NJ students who want to attend so I think they don’t have to give high scholarships to get you to go. I think of it is as the Honors Public college of NJ.

TCNJ has essentially the same COA as all state schools in NJ, about 30K a year.

Several of those schools give much more merit aid, including Stockton, Rowan and Ramapo.

Stockton would give up to 18K a year for those stats.
While TCNJ has a great reputation, cost matters and people are much more aware of it now. TCNJ is not worth acquiring debt to attend if you can go elsewhere for much less.

I am a TCNJ alum and not bashing the school, just commenting on the amount of merit compared to similar schools in NJ.

For TCNJ, does student have to apply specifically for merit aid or is the student invited to apply if their application is accepted? Also, are FAFSA or CSS required for merit aid (we were not planning to file bc we will not qualify for need based aid).

Also, similar question for Honors College applicants…is there a separate application or is student invited to apply? If invited to apply for Honors College what are the additional requirements? Thanks for the help!

@coulson for all the NJ state schools I believe FAFSA is all that’s required, but not sure it’s required for merit. Merit is automatic with acceptance. I know Rowan requires a separate app for the Honors College, so I’m assuming TCNJ does too but many someone else can comment who knows for certain.

My D was accepted into TCNJ honors last year without a separate application.

I think you are automatically invited to the Honors Program, but you have to then apply.

What is my chance of getting into TCNJ for regular decision? I have 1390 sat, and a 3.7 weighted GPA. Major: Marketing, Community service: 200 hours, Essay: Very good(I hope :slight_smile:

Also, has anyone else been accepted with roughly the same stats, and if so, did you receive any merit scholarships?

I don’t think your GPA is high enough for merit.