Merit at Beloit vs Knox vs Lawrence

For families that have applied to the listed schools - how did the merit scholarships compare?

I don’t have any recent experience, but when my older D applied back in 2012, these were the figures we calculated for percentage of tuition and COA covered by merit aid:
Knox - tuition - 46%, COA - 38%
Beloit - tuition - 50%, COA - 42%
Lawrence - tuition - 48%, COA - 30%

Also a few years out – but my kid got 1/2 tuition at each of those schools. We are not eligible for financial aid, so it was all merit based.

Also got 1/2 tuition at Wooster, Earlham and Kalamazoo.

They are pretty equivalent on merit

They are close but Knox you can stack merit.

If questions about Beloit PM me. My daughter’s a Senior there now and we know several kids that just graduated.

Thanks! Beloit offered way more merit than Knox. Still waiting on a few additional offers.