Merit award increased?

<p>Has anyone ever had their merit award increased? Son was offered $13,000 . Was hoping for 17,000 plus a departmental award to make it possible to attend. </p>

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@perch1024‌ I know this is a while ago, but did you get it increased? I am in the same boat right know. Does anyone know if Butler will increase merit award?

No, the original merit offer remained $13,000 but he did get an additional departmental award of $3,000 in February. He is an education major and attended the education open house in January and emailed several times expressing his interest and asking about other scholarship opportunities. Maybe that helped get the additional 3,000? He is a freshman there now and loves it there!

@perch1024‌ did you ask if they would increase the merit?

did he attend the scholar’s forum to get the additional money/scholarship from that interview?

Yes he asked for an increase, they said no even though his stats were higher than others from his school who got the maximum award. No, he did not get invited to the scholars forum even though he is in honors with a 35 ACT ( he is not a URM nor has he been a leader in his school)