Merit awards

When does IU send out merit awards? The deadline was March 10th and it’s already April. Does this mean we didn’t get any scholarships?

It’s possible you will be notified of a scholarship still, but not as likely as if you had heard earlier.

My son (a sample of one) was admitted to IU with a scholarship, but didn’t receive his additional scholarship offer until a couple of months later, after he had completed additional essays and short answers.

They have only so much scholarship money to offer. So as they hear back from students who will not be attending IU, they can continue to offer money to other students they wish to entice. In fact, they specifically requested that my son notify them if he was not planning to attend so that the money could be offered to others.

The difference for my son, which seems not to be the case for you, is that he was offered a scholarship with his acceptance. You can call the admissions office and ask if scholarships will continue to be awarded and if there’s any chance you will be offered something. Scholarships are generally from the admissions office.