Merit based scholarship mid May

My DD is going to GAtech (out of state) this fall and she applied for so many scholarships in and out of GATech. So far scholarship total = big 0. Is it too late to find any merit based scholarships ? is there a thread where just merit based scholarships are listed ? Thanks in advance.

Merit based scholarships for fall 2018? It’s getting a little late.

If school is still in session, ask your guidance counselor if there are any remaining local scholarships available. They would be small, and one year only.

Keep in mind, many scholarships outside of the college will also have a need component.

This isn’t unusual.

Are you prepared to pay full cost for GT?

GT doesn’t need to buy students. A student though, from OOS that gains entry to GT could well have got great merit offers elsewhere. Have you got a plan?

Thanks you all for the replies. Yes she started applying for scholarships from end of 2017 and although she got scholarships from some other colleges, nothing from GAtech. And 4 years of hard work with straight As and 36 ACT/1540 SAT scores, I was wondering if there is anything we have missed. Yes we are prepared to pay but that’s still a scary amount of money. It’s like health insurance. I guess it makes sense that she wants to go to GT like many other kids and GT does not need to buy students.

It only makes sense to be full pay at GT if you can afford to do so.

Sounds like you made the decision that GT was the only worthwhile option. So…you will need to pay the full price for her to attend.

It’s a great school, and it’s your decision to pay full price.

Merit scholarships are VERY hard to get unless they come from the school, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try. Your guidance office probably has a list and it might include local ones, which always have better odds. It’s late in the year, but some scholarships are for all college students, not just incoming freshman.

She may not get any for this year, but keep trying for future years. The department may have a list. Society of Women Engineers has an early date (Feb?) for upperclassmen. If she joins a sorority they offer some. There were some in the region my daughter would have been eligible for but I didn’t find out about them until it was too late. She should ask at the FA office (often!) about what’s available.