Merit Based Scholarships 2026

Just wondering, I didn’t receive any merit based scholarships from Newhouse this year and was wondering if it’s still worth attending(I’m ED) or if I should appeal and also try to pay off the tuition through scholarships they offer during attendance.

You ED’d. Why would you expect merit ? If you needed money and did not qualify for need aid, you should not have applied ED. You played the game and lost.

Why would you expect a school that has you in a binding commitment to give you money ? Maybe you could have hoped but you should not have expected it.

You can appeal but they’re just going to tell you the same thing. This is common knowledge up front.

Good luck

Edit: I should add - when you were accepted ED, you needed to withdraw all of your other apps. So where could you even go to??

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Those are good points, thanks for the tips. Also I did indeed make a bad judgement call with ED but if need be I’ll have to turn it down for financial purposes. Thank you once again.

What’s your EFC ? You can’t if you got what the NPC showed.

You could but if they want to they can make your life miserable and get you blocked at similar schools. Anyway you should have no remaining open apps. You hs counselor will be told and may also get you blocked. It’s a black eye for them.

Way too many people try to game the system. Your word should mean something.

I don’t know of colleges that give scholarships after you start. My daughter got a private one time scholarship when she was inducted into beta gamma sigma at her business school, one of a handful given out. I wouldn’t count on any though.

Schools have departmental ones for returning students.

Kids have to realize that when you apply ED you are committing to going.

The time to get sticker shock is then, not after.

If a business can get a premium price, they will.

They’re not going to discount it.

According to the Syracuse web site ED does not impact your consideration for merit or financial aid. I don’t think they would make this statement if their is an institutional internal bias (which sounds logical) that if you agreed already to go then we won’t offer you any money.

You’ll receive full consideration for financial aidLink

All Early Decision applicants receive the same consideration for financial aid and merit scholarships as Regular Decision applicants. Should you be admitted, you’ll receive your financial aid award soon after receiving your admission decision.

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I ED’d and received a significant merit award. i don’t i support the rhetoric that ED’ing always means less money and that that fact is such “common knowledge”


You did not read what I wrote - I did not say you wouldn’t get merit. I said:

You ED’d. Why would you expect merit ? If you needed money and did not qualify for need aid, you should not have applied ED.

I said not expect - not that you wouldn’t get. And some schools formally note this, btw.

My daughter was accepted ED and did receive a merit scholarship. While we wish that it was bigger, we all signed the ED contract knowing that she was going to Syracuse if she got in ED irregardless of the money. The high cost of tuition at Syracuse is not secret - it is on their website.

When you applied ED, you and your parents signed a legal binding contract that specifically states that you will attend no matter what. Simply calling them up and telling them that you now do not want to go because of money issues is not going to go well for you. This will not be taken on your word. You and your parents will be asked to document your lack of ability to pay. The only way that I see you getting out of this clean is if there was some sudden change in your parents finances AFTER you applied ED (parent lost a job, parent died, etc.). If not, they will see to it that you will be blackballed at as many schools as they can tell.

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anyone else interviewing for the coronat scholarship? really curious as to how they will run this interview.

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How much did I get?

How much did u get?