Merit Based scholarships for int'l


<p>Does anyone know whether Duke offers merit-based scholarships for international students? I didn't find this information stated specifically anywhere in their website...
If so, is it necessary to apply or all admitted students are automatically considered for those grants?</p>


<p>I don't think so. Most schools don't offer scholarships to International students except a few elite ones.</p>

<p>Yes, international students are considered for merit based scholarships. The Karsh Scholarship is solely for international students and is new this year. In addition, the University Scholars Program has a large percentage of international students every year. There is no need to apply separately, and every student is considered.</p>

<p>Both scholarships give a full ride (tuition, housing, board, and fees) + up to $7,000 for summer research grants.</p>

<p>About</a> | Karsh International Scholarship
University</a> Scholars Program
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<p>There are also the insanely hard AB Duke scholarship (no additional application), and the Robertson scholarship (additional application with earlier deadline).</p>