Merit before acceptance

Hi. I received a letter saying based on the test scores and GPA submitted, my daughter is eligible for xx amount of merit (letter is addressed to the parents). But my daughter has not been accepted to SLU yet. Anyone else? Can she be reasonably certain an admission is on the way? Thanks.

We received the letter as well, I think they send it to all parents of students that applied.

It would be very cruel to receive that letter and not be accepted! I believe SLU is one of the schools that calls with admission decisions as well.

If they have automatic merit for certain grades and scores, I wouldn’t rely on the letter as a guarantee of admission. It’s marketing. “Look how much you can get.” If it were an offer of admission, why wouldn’t they just send her (not parent) and acceptance? There is no law that says they can’t just send the acceptance letter.

It appears to me marketing. Mean. Just like those big packages you get post-submission that are just view books.

Not guaranteed in all cases. Don’t know if SLU does guarantee acceptance. It is always possible that once the money runs out, the auto accepts stop. I would call the admissions office and ask what their policy is. When I called Temple U several years ago with same question, they answered affirmatively.

SLU was very responsive when I asked (since the letter came to me instead of my daughter and asked if I had any questions, I felt I was justified in asking!) They said “based on GPA and test scores it means she is in good standing with the school and available for certain scholarships if / when admitted.” I know they don’t release any decisions until November so we will just patiently wait.

They may have been responsive but they avoided answering the directed questions. I think you already know that she’s in good standing with the school and available for certain scholarships if/when admitted.

There are a lot of kids ELIGIBLE for a lot of scholarships IF admitted. Whether kid actually gets the scholarships, or is even admitted is the big question all of us ask repeatedly during the admissions season.

Temple told me outright that with the stats that would guarantee him one of their automatic scholarships, he would be admitted barring any highly unusual situation. Temple also doesn’t offer these auto merit awards any more. Nor does Pitt which once did so.

Fordham has auto merit money which is built into their NPC. You can plug in a student’s gpa and Trst scores, and you can find out what they will give in scholarships to that kid. But…before you get that scholarship, you gotta be admitted and it’s not an auto/admit. You can get turned down or wait listed.

We just attended a Select Saturday event at SLU this weekend which included a presentation on Nursing. They said 30 ACT and 3.75 GPA and above get early decision admit into Nursing and those decisions come in early November. Anything below those scores, will receive admittance into SLU first (w merit) and then will hear back about Direct Admit Nursing by Feb 1. They said they receive about 800 nursing applications and accept 650 (knowing they normally get 150 students that matriculate).

@arkymommy Thanks so much! She received the SLU admit but not nursing as she is well below those stats so that makes sense.

My D20 was accepted to SLU nursing on 11/1 via the portal and the mail packet and nice voicemail came couple of days later. We went to SLU for an open house this summer and my D20 liked it a lot, so it’s definitely a one of the top choices. The offer came with vice presidential 23K scholarship.

@netpro If you don’t mind sharing what were her stats?

1380 SAT, 3.8 unweighted, 4.1 weighted, 5 AP classes, many ECs including captain of swim team. I think very good essay.

We also got the letter for D20. When I read it the first time, I thought she was being given the Vice Presidential Scholarship. But then she told me a few days later that she had been admitted? So I am now thinking that the letter was just that she could potentially receive that, because I don’t think they would have sent notification to the parents before the child.

It’s still early in the process, so I’m not stressing about it but I guess I’ll need to follow up with D20 about whether she has received word about the scholarship!

We did not receive anything in the mail from SLU but my daughter did receive a phone call from her Admissions Counselor to confirm her admission with decision about Nursing in Jan or Feb. She said he confirmed her merit scholarship on the phone. But that merit has not been confirmed in the mail and it’s not listed on her login page either. It’s been about 1 1/2 weeks or so since the phone call so maybe packet is still being processed or is on the way? @VryCnfsd I wonder if your DD was so nervous when she got a phone call that she just forgot that they mentioned the merit scholarship!?

@arkymommy now I’m really confused. I thought D20 said she got an email. I’ll have to try to clear this up with her this evening.

FYI, my daughter got a package about a week after the phone call. It included her merit (which was quite generous). She got a nice additional bump for having attended a Catholic high school in addition to merit.