merit chances

<p>2220 SAT, 3.4 UW gpa, a couple of AP's (5's) North East, male. I know gpa is low, but rigorous private school with zero grade inflation
What chance for merit and how much?</p>


Anyone know what the requirements for merit are? Kind of vague on site. Thanks,</p>

<p>You'll almost certainly get merit aid -- probably a 24k / singer invite. Though it does intrigue me that your SAT is so high, while your GPA is relatively low... but you should be fine, because your GPA isn't VERY low, and your SAT is pretty darn high.</p>

<p>Will you also chance me?</p>

<p>SAT: 1360/2050
ACT: 32
UW: 3.85
SAT II: 770 US Hist/ 760 Span w/o Listening
AP's: 5 Eng. Lang, 5 Span Lang, 5 US Hist, 3 W. Hist</p>

<p>Thank you!</p>

<p>Those are pretty much exactly the scores I had and I got a half scholarship. Of course, that was 5 years ago, so it might be more competitive now.</p>

<p>i am entering my senior year and i was wondering what my chances are of getting an academic scholarship is i have a 4.5 weighted gpa and a 3.85 unweighted and i got a 2060 SAT in addition to a sport every season and a mentoring club for incoming freshmen</p>

<p>@MiamiCane: So your half scholarship was around $24,000?</p>

<p>No no, 16k.</p>