Merit Money at Butler

<p>I see they do offer from "$6,000 to $16,000" per year, renewable for entering freshmen. Chance my D on money at Butler, with the following background.</p>

<p>4.3 GPA weighted
IB Diploma plus AP US History.
28 ACT (hopes to up it to 30)
VP Interact (Youth Rotary)
Rotary Youth Leadership Camp - scholarship
Soccer team.
Other volunteer activities
Summer employment</p>

<p>I wish I could help. My daughter is going this fall and received the top scholarship plus a business scholarship. She was very active in school and ended up graduating as her class valedictorian, but was ranked second when she applied to Butler. I think a lot depends on the students stats and the type of school they come from plus the program they apply to.</p>

<p>My DD had a 32ACT and was granted direct admission to the Pre-PA program which guarantees her a spot after getting her four year degree but offered no money whatsoever. According to the financial aid office, if she has applied to business, for example, she would have been awarded 14K. They were apologetic, but explained that every student who was accepted into the PA track was at least as high achieving as my daughter or more so, so they don’t have to offer any money. We told them to offer the spot to someone else.</p>

<p>@Gille94‌ may I ask what were you daughters SAT/ACT score if you don’t mind</p>

Sorry I did not see this earlier.Her ACT was 29.