Merit money Muhlenberg

Would anyone share what sort of merit money you were offered and what your stats were?

My son had 1400 SAT, top 5% of class; several AP classes; cross country and track team captain; orchestra, NHS, and a few more ECs. He was accepted Early Decision and offered $25K in merit money.

My most recent DD to go to Muhlenberg had a weighted GPA of 3.7, 1360 on her SATs, lots of theater and Speech and Debate ECs, is an EMT and volunteered in our town. She receives $20k plus some extra talent money.

Does the merit money come in the acceptance letter?

Yes, ours did.

Good Morning! My DD was awarded Presidential Scholarship ($20000), Dana Scholar ($5000) and Theatre Talent ($3500). She has an unweighted 4.0, 30 ACT, 1 AP and the rest are honors. Extensive theatre extracurriculars. Regular decision. She is soooooo excited!

DD was accepted this week:
SAT 1400
ACT 31
3.95 UW
Dance, dance, dance plus alpine skiing, marching band, etc.
5 APs
We visited twice and she hit it off well with interviewer.

Awarded presidential $25k
Muhlenberg scholar $5
Talent $$2500
Plus a small need-based grant and federal loans.

I got 35k per year, no need based aid.

That is fantastic, @camiruth !!! Do you think you will go?

Thank you so much! To be completely honest, I don’t think I will be attending Muhlenberg just because I have been accepted into some other schools that I prefer (WashU, Kenyon and Northwestern) but I really love Muhlenberg and am not eliminating it completely as an option yet :slight_smile: