Merit money?

Has anyone received merit scholarship information with their acceptance?

Yes, $11,000 per year

Yes, Deans Scholarship worth $8,000 per year.

When did you receive your Indiana acceptance? I was accepted 11/25, but I have not received any information on merit scholarships.

@college283 If you receive a Dean’s scholarship, the amount should be set out in your snail mailed acceptance letter (red envelope). Most other scholarships (Hutton Honors, departmental, etc.) are pursued through the Supplemental Scholarship Application (SSA) if you are invited to complete it (criteria for SSA invite are not published). SSA scholarships are not announced until later in the process, seemingly anytime from January through April. Other folks may have more detailed/helpful information. I am still learning the process myself.

@altmusicman Just to clarify, are you saying that Dean’s scholarship information will be sent in the red envelope and not mentioned in the acceptance email? Just wondering. Thanks.

@davidlt1 That was our experience. Not in the email. In the snail mail letter.

Thanks @altmusicman. One other quick question. The Dean’s Scholarship is a general scholarship that’s separate from the Kelley School of Business’ Deans Council Scholarship, correct? Or is it the same? Thanks!

$9k here. Since I’m oos, it’s a bit of a disappointment.

@davidlt1 Yes, they are different. The regular Dean’s scholarship is a university-wide program available to any major and any demographic, maxing out at $11k/year it seems.


The Deans scholarship amount is $1-11K and awarded to OOS candidates.
The Provost scholarship is $1-8K and awarded to in state candidates.
The SSA or selective scholarship is an invitation only portal with a comprehensive and multi step process to secure additional stackable scholarships. It’s safe to assume that if a student meets criteria to be directly admitted to one of the colleges or enter the Hutton Honors college then they would receive an invitation code. A student may get multiple scholarships or a prestigious scholar program such as Wells, Kelley, Hudson & Holland, Herbert scholar, etc. Each college has a list of scholarships on the web page. Some are program specific. For example: an applicant is applying to the College of Arts & Sciences and selects “Biotechnology.”
This portal includes an application to IFLE and STARS
It’s imperative to submit by the published deadline and it is worth the effort.

Do Jacobs School of Music applicants (audition next week) qualify to complete the SSA? I know the student needs to receive a link to the portal, which my son did. But he also heard that he might not need to complete it because he is a Jacobs applicant? I’m confused - but I’m just mom! LOL! (he’s been admitted to IU, and direct admit to the honors college…)


I don’t see why Jacobs students wouldn’t be able to complete the SSA. I believe it can be completed by students of any major.


My advice is to apply for any scholarship they invite you to apply for. My son was initially awarded $44,000 when he was accepted. By mid April it was up to $76,000 over 4 years. He didn’t end up going to IU but they were the most aggressive school of any he applied to. In the end he went to Maryland who offered $50,000. Even though he left money on the table Maryland was a better fit for him and it is working out great.