Merit offers?

Anyone get their merit offer yet? My DD is in-state and was offered 9,000 a year and Honors College admittance.

We are pleased, it seems very generous. She has a 3.97 uw, 4.7 w, 1490 SAT.

Wanted to clarify: Honors notice was not included on scholarship letter (I was mixing it up as all other schools have given Honors notice with acceptance). A kind CC poster let me know that Honors notices come out at the end of January.

Same offer for my son.

Wow! I have the exact same stats as your daughter. I received the same offer, but I am still applying to three of the scholars programs. I have been trying to find out what the maximum amount awarded was, but it seems that $9000 was the the highest.

My daughter got same offer. $9000/year for 4 years.
gpa:4.0 wgpa 4.67
ACT 33
SAT 1480
I was hoping for full ride.

My son also got the same offer of 9K
GPA: 4.0 WGPA: 4.56 SAT 1550
He was told by someone at UMBC that they’ve leveled out the high end offers to spread the $ to more students.
Just found out today that he was also accepted into the Honors College.

how did you find out about the Honors college? Did you get an email or postal mail?

Ah, good to know, I was wondering if anyone received $15k. How did you find out about Honors College acceptance?

My D got 10k OOS…34 ACT, 93/100 GPA, 1450 SAT. No HC info yet.

Duh…brain fart…my D did get the Honors College acceptance a couple of weeks ago…thinking around the 13th? It was a large envelope with Honors College on the outside.

Yes, the Honors College offer came separately.

Now waiting for response for CWIT application. Does anyone know when the Scholar programs like CWIT come out?