Merit possibilities?

<p>(I refuse to use the word "chances" in the title. ;) )</p>

<p>I'm a homeschooled senior in sunny Southern California. What is the likelihood that I will receive Morse/Cambridge/Presidential from Rhodes? (We might possibly be able to swing the COA with Presidential, but more would be ideal.)</p>

<p>4.0 uw GPA, 4.15 w, 2390 SAT (800/800/790W) Almost certainly will be NMSF.</p>

<p>4 AP exams so far (chem, English language, English lit, and macroecon) with 5s on all. Mostly honors coursework, 3 additional APs this year.</p>

<p>Solid but not extraordinary ECs-- lots of involvement in competitive speech with regional awards, debate team captain with some awards, ~200 hours of volunteer work with local nonprofit and ~200 hours on multiple out-of-state service trips. I also work ~5 hours a week as a peer tutor.</p>

<p>Thanks in advance for your help!</p>

<p>My daughter was awarded a Presidential scholarship upon her early action acceptance, then invited to Rhodes for a Scholars Day in the spring for consideration for Morse/Cambridge scholarships. After visiting on April 1, she was awarded a Cambridge scholarship and a $5,000 travel grant. </p>

<p>Her stats: 4.2 GPA (w), 6/259 rank, 5 APs (2 junior year, 3 senior), SAT 2130, SAT Subject tests 770 English, 750 Spanish.</p>

<p>ECs: President, National Honor Society; orchestral cellist; writing awards (2 Gold, 2 Silver - Scholastic Writing Awards, BreadLoaf Conference), T.A. for Spanish 3, peer tutor, 140 hrs. community service, PT job 7 hrs/week at a daycare center.</p>

<p>It was one of the best financial aid packages she would receive. But she chose Emory because of Atlanta (cheaper flights) and more Asian language options.</p>

<p>Thank you for your reply! Are all the Morse/Cambridge scholarships awarded through Scholars day? What did the consideration process look like for your daughter?</p>

<p>Thank you again.</p>

<p>My daughter was given 4 dates last year to interview in person for the Morse/Cambridge scholarships between February - April. The letter stated that 140 students were invited as Scholars (each date could only accommodate 35 students.) It seemed like you could only qualify for the Morse/Cambridge if you are invited to the Scholar Symposium: another student from our school received a Presidential scholarship but was not invited to Scholars Day and did not receive additional aid. </p>

<p>The letter stated that one Morse scholarship was available, up to 100 Cambridge scholarships, and some $5K travel grants. They sent articles to read a week in advance (you had to select a topic) and then discussed in small groups with faculty and staff who led sessions. Parents attended different sessions than the students. The Symposium was 8:30-2pm I recall (we flew to NC that day to visit another college the next day.) </p>

<p>What was interesting is that they provided a list of the candidates participating that day so you could see where they were from. We met students from CA, Canada, and Chicago, for example. It was very well organized and gave you a good sense of what Rhodes was like (includes a tour, meals, travel reimbursement, etc.) The admissions staff were wonderful to deal with, among the best we encountered of the 8 colleges my daughter applied to.</p>

<p>That is interesting. I emailed the admissions office about the # of scholarships awarded and was told that 20-50 Morse and Cambridge are awarded each year as well as 50+ Presidential. Definitely very different from 100 Cambridges. What year did your D apply?</p>

<p>Last year (for fall 2013 entrance.) Based on yield rates, they could certainly be re-thinking their scholarship award strategy to attract candidates they wish to recruit. The chance of receiving a Cambridge scholarship was so great last year, that definitely factored in my daughter’s decision to agree to fly there for the symposium. Given that Rhodes’ tuition is $10K lower than many private colleges makes their financial aid package a good deal.</p>