Merit Scholarship Chart (old)

This was Rowan’s chart that had been on their website around 2016. I do not know that they honor this anymore, but as a ballpark, I am posting it here. I believe they also take GPA, volunteer experience, school activities and leadership roles into account. Although I’m not certain, I believe you need to live on campus for these awards to be in effect. that may not be correct

SAT Score   Range of Award
1,500-1,600 $10,900-$21,800
1,400-1,499 $10,400-$20,800
1,350-1,399 $9,000-$16,000
1,300-1,349 $8,500-$13,500
1,250-1,299 $4,700-$7,400

I have two students at Rowan and they love it there. Always willing to answer questions, and if I don’t know, will ask them!

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@NJRoadie Thanks for the above info.
What was the total cost in 2016?
What else do I subtract from this amount, for example if my family income is about 95k and efc is 10k do I get something from somewhere else? Not sure how all of that works. From what I understand, the school gives some amount for academic scores (sat), and then there is more money given (from school? or govt?) for need?

The EFC (expected family contribution) is pretty much a meaningless number at a school like Rowan. There is no huge endowment being used to fund needy or sort of needy students at many schools but for the super well funded Ivies.

The amount you would be eligible for in aid such as a Federal Pell Grant is not likely to be much. That typically is for students whose total family income is $50,000 a year or less, but most Pell grant money goes to students with a total family income below $20,000. I believe the NJ TAG grant program is gone, or will be at the end of this school year. If it continues, expect the income limit to be around $65,000 for a family of four.

Let’s talk loans. Your student is eligible for a $5,500 loan as a freshman. This loan is for the entire YEAR, not per semester. The loan amount goes up to $6,500 for the sophomore year, and $7,500 for junior and senior years. If the student isn’t finished in 4 years, the loan eligibility starts to run out. I think the total amount allowed is $31,000 over the entire Bachelor’s degree. This does not prevent the student or family from securing outside loans, which is how kids wind up seriously screwed up.

The cost of education (COA) for each family is an estimate that includes not only set fees such as tuition, fees, room and board, but also variable expenses such as books, entertainment, travel. Last year was my daughter’s first year, and we kept close track. Her COA at Rowan was $30,055. This included stuff like $85 on laundry, $375 on her dorm room etc.

She was awarded a merit award of $11,500 from Rowan. This was deducted, and our EFC was higher than yours.
We made up the difference in numerous ways.

  1. She got a job in her junior year of high school. She saved 80% for her college expenses.
  2. She applied to many scholarships and rec’d around $8,500 in outside money (total, not per year)
  3. She got two jobs on campus as soon as she arrived. One was per hour for pocket money. The other gave her money off her board bill.
  4. She won a small ($1,000) college scholarship.
  5. She enrolled in the Degree in Three Years program, saving a full year of expenses.

Notice that all these things were HER work for HER education. We contribute our share, but so does she.
She will graduate with zero debt, we will also have no debt for her education.

@NJRoadie thank you for the detailed explanation.
I think I had seen the chart on Rowan web site ( my older DD was a 2016 HS graduate), do you know why they did not post a similar chart last year? do you know whether they increase the amount? Do you know whether they assist with internship (or co-op)?

@annamom I do not know why they did not post a chart. I would guess that they are receiving a larger number of highly qualified candidates. They have no increased the amount that my daughter receives, it was a set amount.

They are supposed to be assisting with internships, my daughter is a rather self motivated person, so she is doing most of the work on her own. (I’m proud of her, to say the least!)

Good luck to your family!

Hi, do they have a merit chart for people who took the ACT or no?

@Aurora2019 I don’t know what the process is for ACT now. My foster son applied in 2014-2015 and I do know that his ACT score was stronger than his SAT, and since he was financially in need, they did increase his merit offer based on that. They do mention ACT scores now on Rowan’s webpage about merit scholarships.

"To qualify, students must have a minimum cumulative high school Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0 and a combined Evidence-Based Reading/Writing and Math SAT score of at least 1220 (ACT composite score 25). Applications for admission submitted before January 31 will be reviewed for scholarship eligibility. "

Good luck!

Okay thank you :slight_smile:

Just an FYI for anybody who applied recently to Rowan, admissions says that they changed their merit award structure, and now the top award is $10,000. From what I can see, instead of offering larger amounts to fewer people, they decided to offer a smaller amount to more people. Although maybe they just didn’t want to give my son any more so they said $10k was the top! LOL!

I am trying to seek assistance from admissions regarding a merit scholarship for my daughter. Would you mind sharing your child’s GPA & SAT scores. I’m just trying to figure out where she ranks…
This process is so difficult ??‍♀️

SAT scores have to be at least 1,250 to get any merit money at all. Are your daughter’s scores that or above?

I am not sure what part of the process has been difficult, and if I can help, I certainly will try!

What is my chance of getting into Rowan for regular decision, NOT honors? I have 1390 sat, and a 3.7 weighted GPA and a 3.0 unweighted. Major: Marketing, Community service: 200 hours, Essay: Very good(I hope :))

Also, has anyone else been accepted with roughly the same stats, and if so, did you receive any merit scholarships?

@NJRoadie Could you also chance me for TCNJ?

If only that chart was still current! My daughter has a 1590 SAT, 4.0 unweighted, and was offered 9K. It’s still a top contender out of 12+ other great MechE programs. So, NJRoadie, what say you about Rowan several years later? We’ve visited twice and everything is quite impressive indeed. Worried about internships and job placement though, compared to Stevens and NJIT.

What sold my son on Rowan was our ME tour guide who interned with NASA and had a job lined up for when she graduated.

Hey there jmansky! I apologize, my daughter graduated 2 years ago and my foster son did as well, so I don’t visit here much anymore :slight_smile:

My perspective of Rowan has continued to be very positive. My daughter is happily employed, my foster son is wrapping up his 2nd year of a PhD program (fully funded). Their friends, some of whom were engineering majors are all employed in good jobs and seem to be doing well (although like all of us, impacted by the pandemic).

I actually mentor students from Stevens (SWE members). I can’t say I find they are any more talented or successful than the Rowan kids, but they sure do spend a lot more on tuition. Of course they do get to be in Hoboken and near NYC, but at what debt cost later on? It’s just something to consider.

Best of luck!