Merit Scholarship Questions

<p>We are wondering if anyone know if WPI stacks scholarships? From previous posts, it seems that they don't but there are others that wrote of additional scholarships (at later times, may be closer to decision date?) after the original awards.</p>

<p>the notation on the WPI web site indicating that total amount of financial award received cannot exceed the cost of attending WPI suggests they stack something, but whether that is the stacking of merit/need awards or various merit awards, I don’t know. If they did stack merit awards, it would tend to undercut the uniqueness of the full-tuition awards they hand out (e.g., Foise), however.</p>

<p>All schools that “meet full need” will award need based aid/scholarship/loan in addition to merit to equal the institutional determined parent’s contribution.</p>

<p>Good point about the Foisie Scholarship. Since there are so few awarded, and I am don’t know what the committee is basing their decision on or what qualities will weigh more, leadership? academic? ECs? etc… If it’s an intangible quality, then MAY BE an applicant that is NMF and valedictorian and premed scholars can garner a full (or close to full) tuition merit scholarship?</p>

<p>Good question. My child meets several of those criteria (valedictorian etc) but we’ve heard nothing about any merit award yet. Maybe they’re still deliberating?</p>

<p>Want to learn more about merit scholarships? has lots of merit awards listed on their site. If you have any questions, about other merit awards, feel free to reply to this post and ask!</p>

<p>After reviewing the WPI web site again, I have concluded that they do not stack merit awards. If you read carefully, you will see that the $20,000 guaranteed to each valedictorian, etc., is to be drawn from pools of money such as the Presidential Scholars, the Chemistry/Biochemistry Scholars, Marshall/Chavez/Means, etc. Each of these awards, in turn, states that individual amounts vary but “typically” range between $10000 and $25000. Similarly, National Merit award recipients are also guaranteed $20,000, but that again is drawn from funds of the sources of money just listed. Basically, if you are highly ranked and/or a NM Finalist, you are just going to get on the high end of something like a Presidential Scholarship etc. Nothing to sneeze at, of course, but not stacked either. The web site does say that the “typical” high end is $25,000. This gives them room to go above $25,000, but I doubt anything but Foisie or a similar special program amounts to a full tuition merit award.</p>

<p>Has anyone whose child is a national merit semi finalist received a merit aid notification yet?</p>

<p>My D is a NM semi-finalist and she already got her merit aid award but not because of NM. I wouldnt expect NM merit aid itself for quite a while; first the finalists have to be named, then the NMSF folks have to determnine who gets what award, then the colleges have to make awards to those students who aren’t getting the $2500 NMSF awards.</p>

<p>Anyone who got a $25,000 (or greater) merit scholarship willing to share their stats and where else they were admitted?</p>

<p>I got a Foisie scholarship and I asked to be placed in the Pre Medical Scholars program, which they did. I also asked for more more to help with room and board, which they did not offer, but they did give me $2000/year extra for books.</p>