merit scholarship

<p>Have any students accepted to Assumption for RD been offered a merit scholarship? My D got her acceptance a couple of weeks ago and there wasn't any mention of merit awards. Does that come separately? Does it come with the financial aid package?</p>

<p>My daughter applied RD but her application was in early due to other deadlines. So, she received her acceptance awhile ago and yes, it did contain a merit award.</p>

<p>Just got it today. 15K/yr D'Alzon Scholarship! We're all so happy because now there is a good chance this will be affordable. Letter says that financial aid award letters will be mailed by March 21.</p>

<p>My Son recently got accepted to a pretty good school that gave him a 100% merit scholarship full ride. All tuition paid. Is it common for another school to make a tuition adjustment to entice the student to their school if notified of the scholarship he received?</p>

<p>I don't know! might want to start a new thread on the financial aid section of the forum with that question. I'd be interested to hear the answer!</p>