merit scholarship

I got accepted to Towson and I plan on being a pre nursing major. I am really considering the school, but if I attend, I would be paying oos tuition since I am from NJ. Does anyone know if they give a lot of scholarship money??

they ended up running out of money, so this is definitely off my list of choices

@chxdxma sorry about no merit - hopefully you have other better options. What were your stats - GPA and test score. May look at Towson for next year for their OT program so just curious.

My daughter received a merit scholarship, we are in NY

@rebeccamol my daughter is looking at Towson (she’s only a junior) for a biology major and we are also from NY. Would you be willing to share how much merit your daughter received and quick summary of her stats? What major will she be pursuing? Any thoughts/insight regarding the Honors Program? Thanks!